Reach Large Numbers of People Through Media


Reach Large Numbers of People Through Media

Media are the traditional communication tools or media used to present and store data or information. The word refers to both parts of the conventional mass communications media industry, including the print media, broadcast media, television, and the Internet media. Today, a greater number of industries have found their place in the medias, as well. This includes radio, TV, cinema, print and Internet advertising. Broadly speaking, media are categorized into five:

Print Media The print media refer to both newspapers and magazines. These are the most common mediums used for the dissemination of news and information throughout the country and around the world. The majority of papers are published for free and are distributed freely, while some companies pay to display advertisements on the newspapers and magazines selected. For example, newspapers may publish information about new cars after the car manufacturer has released the model. Magazines on the other hand, are published by commercial organizations and serve as a platform for marketing, sales promotions, and public information. They also reach an audience beyond the readership of newspapers and magazines.

Broadcasting Media The major part of the traditional media are broadcasting or news media. These are mainly the two types of media that broadcasts are done on – line and non-stop TV. The broadcasting medium come in two types: live and cable TV, which provide direct access to television sets through satellite or cable sources. The major source of television broadcasting is through the analog TV, which comes in analog signals that are transmitted through antenna lines.

Digital Media Digital mass media refer to electronic information delivery systems such as compact discs, files, cables, modems, wireless cards, and portable memory devices. These are medium of information transmission comparable to radio waves, television signals, and telephone services but are not limited to these. Examples of digital media include portable music systems, personal computer, televisions, DVD players, and the Internet. Print Media The print media refers to the mass media that includes newspapers, magazines, journals, books, periodicals, and other printed materials. It is one of the oldest forms of mass media and considered as a conservative medium compared to the new media forms.

Newspapers: One of the most common mass media and reach a large number of readers. Initially, newspapers were published as a classified publication and the circulation was through subscription. Subsequently, modern day newspapers are published on online as well as offline copy. Today, there are many websites that publish news, information, and other items related to the world of sports, entertainment, art, books, and other categories.

Print Media The function of print media in our society has declined considerably and today they are largely replaced by television and other electronic sources. However, their importance still persists because of their ability to create vivid images and stories. This is very important in the promotion of a cause, for instance, an environmental organization or a political party. Television The rapid growth of cable television has diminished the importance of newspapers and magazines. They continue to be viewed as “the media of the future” by most business professionals and marketers.