Types of Media

In mass communication, media are typically the information delivery tools or devices used to transmit and store data or information in the form of sound, images, words, or data. The word specifically refers to units of the mass communications media industry, including television, radio, publishing, film, photography, video, print, and the visual arts. There are several different types of media that are often included in the mass communication medium; they include broadcast media (such as radio and television), print media (like book and newspaper) and theatre. The various forms of mass communication can be broken down by the following types:

Social Media. Social media refer to any online interaction that takes place between people via networking sites. These online interactions can take the form of blogging, forum posting, participating in social networking events, voting on products or services online, and so on. In this article, the term social media is used to refer to any and all online interaction that takes place using these media.

Mass Media. In the United States, television, film, and the print media are considered to be mass media. A large number of prints (both published and publicly available) are published every day in the US. Additionally, a large number of television stations, both national and local, are available in the US.

News Media. News media refers to any print or broadcast media outlets that report on specific topics or stories. Examples of news media outlets include television news shows, radio news stations, newspapers, magazines, and web sites like the Associated Press and The New York Times. Broadcast media outlets include television networks and radio channels. Also, magazines and newspapers are great sources of information for those interested in specific topics.

EGC. Electronic news media refers to any online media that reports on current events or blogs that provide up-to-date information about specific topics. A large number of websites are dedicated to providing up-to-date information and trends about a wide range of topics. For example, a person interested in learning more about the business of real estate might visit a website called “CNBC Business Briefs” for up-to-date reports on business news. This type of media outlet covers a large number of industries and business sectors.

Print Media. All forms of print media are considered to be part of the US mass media. The most common types of print media include periodicals like newspapers, magazines, and other publications published by traditional book publishers. Additionally, there are a number of online periodicals, including web sites like Slate and the Wall Street Journal, as well as traditional periodicals like the New York Times and Chicago News Bureau.