Types of Media and Their Uses

Media are the main communication tools utilized to deliver and store data or information. The word refers generally to diverse components of the broad mass communication media communications sector, including print media, television, broadcasting, film, music, visual arts, and publishing. Such media include any medium that may be utilized to transmit and distribute information. There are many types of media: book, magazine, newspaper, magazine, periodical, video, film, computer disk, play station, radio, video tape, and digital network. And, it can be categorized further with multimedia.

Print media: primarily used to describe the publications of paper such as magazines, newspapers, and books. Some forms of print media are also referred as periodical media since they are published on a regular or monthly basis. Some of them are periodical magazines such as periodical fashion papers, horoscope and medical periodicals, and others. It includes book magazines such as book magazines, home magazines, cooking magazines, women’s magazines, and others. Broadly speaking, print media can be classified as accessible media and non-accessible media. Accessible media refer to tangible media such as books and films; non-accessible media are those that are not tangible, such as radio and television.

News media: it is the most popular and common form of media. It refers to news related activities of local, national, and international interest. In colloquial use, news media are those disseminated by newspapers, periodicals, or magazines that are not accessible to the public. Broadly speaking, news media include broadcast media such as radio, television, and newspapers, news agencies such as wire services, print media such as magazines, and book publishers such as news papers.

Broadcast media: this refers to live transmissions over a specific channel and time. Broadcast media are popularly used in broadcast news, music programs, and some TV and radio shows. It can also cover other medium that broadcast information, such as cable news channels, video news networks, and digital channels. Broadly speaking, broadcast media are accessible to all viewers, while non-broadcast media are only accessible to targeted viewers.

Print media: it is a type of mass communication used for publishing text, images, and sounds. It may be accessible to the public or it may not. It constitutes mass communication through publications that are usually available to the public. Print media can be classified as visual information, audio-visual information, or printed news.

All the three types of media are essential for communicating information, as they help disseminate information. However, all the media serve different purposes. The purpose of any media depends on the purpose of communication. Thus, whether it is for television, radio, print, or network news, all the different media serve different purposes.