Understanding the Trends in Technologies

Examples of Technology: Technology changes the world around us. For example, the invention of the wheel (used to make transportation) could have been called the first technology. Examples of other technological advances include the invention of gunpowder, microscope, telephone, computer, television, radio, and internet. The Internet and computers-The power to do complex thinking processes much quicker allows science, business and commerce to go much further together. Examples of people/organisms who are very old and still relevant examples in the technological sphere are ancient Chinese, Mayans, and Central and South American Indians.

Examples of Technologies used by governments: The governments of many countries throughout the world have adapted the use of technology for various reasons. Examples include tracking and monitoring terrorist; protecting the country from potential damage or theft from its borders; making airports safer; preventing disasters like earthquakes and flood; etc. Examples are a huge range of reasons as to why governments use technology. Examples can also be applied to non-government technologies like book-keeping software.

Examples of Technologies that have been developed commercially: A lot of inventions and innovations have been developed commercially throughout history. Examples include: airplanes, automobiles, cellular phones, computer networking, information technology, and microelectronics. The Internet is an example of one of these innovations. It is the reason the Internet exists. Commercial applications include: advertising, pharmaceuticals, education, retailing, aerospace, communications, financial, and health care industries.

Examples of Technologies that have been developed internally: Many important inventions and innovations have been developed internally by US companies. These include: electricity generators, electric engines, computer processors, cellular phones, televisions, personal computers, air conditioning systems, laptop computers, wireless computers, cars, trucks, pipelines, and many others. The list could go on. Examples of technologies developed internally by the United States are listed below. Consult the US Department of Energy for more examples of internal technological innovations.

Examples of Technologies that have been Commercialized: There are numerous technological concepts that have been commercialized in the world. Examples of these concepts include: Global Positioning System (GPS), mobile and wireless communications, medical equipment, personal digital assistants (PDAs), the Internet, television, DVD players, computer networking, and others. In addition, technology that has been Commercialized is technology that has been sold for a profit in the world. Examples of such technology are: computers, automobiles, and mobile phones. All of these examples of technologies that have been Commercialized have changed the way we live our lives.

It is estimated that there are over 4 billion people in the world who use technologies everyday. The number of these people is growing faster than the population of the world. Thus, it is safe to assume that there will be more innovations in the future for technology to continue to change the way we live. The world as we know it today can look very different in the future. So, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I thank you for your reading pleasure.